Monday, July 09, 2007

Cannot Sleep

I've been up since gosh knows when... I think I woke up just before midnight. My brain is awash with all kinds of thoughts...

Excited about the new job, still thinking of the old job. Thinking about where to change clothes in the morning in the new digs after riding my bike. Thinking about the Goodrich that's on order.

I got to thinking about the future Goodrich touring bike because I spent a couple of hours today working on putting my old Trek 520 back together for RAGBRAI in a couple of weeks. Got to thinking about details that will yet need to be figured out. I was thinking about kickstands, racks, fenders, color, generators, etc...

I am afraid that my post about the good folks from the bike shop has generated a shit storm. Sometimes, I really need to think about what's on my mind before I write. I don't mean to paint a sour image... they are a good group of people. I think I just generally had a sour opinion of the whole summer party in ways. It was fun, but by the end of the night, I think I was tired.

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mnultraguy said...

Have fun at RAGBRAI and let me know if you are up for a longer adventure type ride sometime.

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