Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Mid Hump Day Update

Well into day number 3 now. My mind is consumed with such a flurry of thoughts that it’s really hard for me to figure out WHAT I am thinking. I have a lot to figure out, a lot to do, much to learn, and things to re-invent. Honestly, I am not sure if I am worried about being over-whelmed.

Today is also mid-week of 10 weeks of having only driven to work twice. Both of those occasions were to drive here to interviews. With those (hopefully understandable) exceptions, I am continuing to ride my bike everyday. My new commute is really the same as my old one… I just get to turn a little earlier. It’s been quite the adjustment though.

I have had to get used to a new building, new hours. It’s no wonder the “average person” isn’t comfortable commuting to work. There’s a whole host of hurdles to overcome. Even as an experienced person, having commuted by bike for YEARS, I am somewhat intimidated.

So far my routine is to park my bike in the parking ramp. There is a somewhat secure bike rack… At least it seems hidden and out of the way. I then slip a pair of casual shorts over my cycling shorts so that I do not have to parade through the building in my sausage casings. I do this because I prefer to ride in cycling shorts.

So, then I get to wander through the lobby of the building in a pair of shorts (misfit) to the main floor restroom where I change out of my “superman” costume. There is a work out facility in the building complex, but no one seems to know how to get in. I tried, but the door is locked.

I’ve been struggling with hauling things into the office too. I am going to have to make a change in the set up of my bike. Since I used to be able to drag my bike into my cube, using the PA panniers from Rivendell was never really an issue. I could leave them laced to my rack and have everything I needed stashed with me on my bike, in my cube.

Now that my bike stays parked 7 floors below, I have to carry everything with me that I need for the day. Change of clothes, food, office stuff, shoes… etc. It’s really been a pain in the @$$. I am figuring that I will eventually get settled. (I have got two pair of shoes here now… I just leave them in my desk.)

I do need to find the time, energy, and capacity to bring in food to restock the new food cache. I’m hungry today and have nothing in my drawers. I hate to break down and drive just to bring in supplies, but I just may have to do that.

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mnultraguy said...

Not sure what you are after food wise and what your route into work is, but there is a nice little market in Bryn Mawr which is just a little off of Glenwood and Penn. Another option is since I live close, I would be willing to get somethings for you and drop them off at work for you. I think we were doing the stare at each other yesterday morning. I was unfortunately driving the mini-van, as I am hauling all my crap home for my upcoming job switch. I like reading your blog, as I am going through almost the exact things just a few weeks after you.

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