Thursday, July 05, 2007


Today will be my last day of working from home for quite some time. I've been up since 5, enjoyed a whole pot of coffee and am trying to continue to wrap things up work-wise. I'm struggling with leaving more than I thought I would.

Not second-guessing my decision to leave at all, but wishing somehow that I knew everything I know could be just handed off to someone else. The reality is that working for a software company, they just don't understand what intellectual capital is. I feel sorry for my co-workers and customers. I have 10 years of knowledge, understanding, and history of knowing how to do so many things that will simply be "lost."

Oh well.

Yesterday was the 4th. Spent the entire day around the house. Played with the kids, swam, had company for dinner, walked up to watch the Roseville fireworks. I skipped the annual bike ride to Duluth and back. I didn't have the patience level to deal with the people going.

I think I am still pissed because the bike-shop clan showed up at our summer party empty-handed. It was supposed to be a pot-luck to which people were to bring something to share and their own drinks. I'm pissed because by 10pm I was hungry, the kids were hungry, so I ordered 5 pizzas figuring food would get shared. (I really don't mind sharing.) I got 1 piece, my kids missed out on the cheese. Nobody pitched in so much as a buck, the pizza all got eaten.

I didn't appreciate questions like: "hey Ken, do you have any more vodka?" Ummm... no, did you finish yours off? Oh, that's right... you didn't bring anything!

I didn't appreciate the fact that I had put out a Heineken 5L mini-keg (3 in fact) but the comment from one attendee was "I don't like Heineken" and he proceeded to drink the bottles of Summit out of the refrigerator.

Two bottles of Absolut were drank, beer was shared, etc... Over-all, much was shared and I don't regret having the party. The costs were much higher than I had hoped, costs that now a single-income household are sometimes tougher to bear. Money is generally more-carefully spent and had I to do it over again, I'd have hidden our own supply.

Don't get me wrong... I enjoyed the fact that they came... I really did. I didn't appreciate some of the childish antics. It was fun to get people together, but a shallow feeling as though we were taken advantage of.

So, while I may have taken a detour in thought there... I think it was good for me to have not gone with the crew in their ride to Duluth and back. I was not in the right mind-frame to go with them. I did get out for a nice evening ride with Anika. I really have to review her new bike!


Gordy said...

A moocher is a terrible thing to suffer. Adults that don't see to little kids getting food? That's pretty low. Really low in fact. And kids don't just accept a PB&J when they've seen pizza (unless they don't like it.)

Youngsters (I'm not talking about your kids) can't live without 'em, can't resort to physical methods of admonishment.

rigtenzin said...

It sounds like you'll remember this event.

midway cyclist said...

Sounds like you made the right choice; a nice ride with your wife.

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