Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Areas for Improvement

I have this constant wrestless feeling of having to fuddle with things to make them better. It's one of my great personality flaws. With that in mind, one of the things that I often do while riding is think. Recently, I have been thinking about a few personal things that I would like to improve upon.

Today on my way into work, I thought about some of my bicycle-related bad habits that I am going to work on breaking:

  • Bicycle Maintenance: My theory has always been that one should have at least one bike in the collection that doesn't receive regular maintenance. This theory works for me, but when things pop up now and then, I am going to pay a little more attention. Example: for the last several weeks I have had the frequent and nagging idea that I need to add air to my tires and lube the chain. The rim should not be able to touch the ground and the chain should not sound dry.
  • Pedaling: I am going to work on not pedaling with my toes pointing down when out of the saddle. With my feet pointed down, I tend to mash my toes into my shoes causing problems with my toes. This is something I learned after returning from my TransIowa adventure. I can finally see that there is new toenail growing back in on my left foot.

There are many more I am sure :)

In other news, the Minnesota State Fair starts tomorrow. Over the last several days my commute home on Como Avenue has been getting progressively busier. I will see how it goes tomorrow, but I suspect that for 12 days, I am going to be doing what I can to avoid the area.

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Pete said...

I used to commute via Como. It's not too bad during fair time, because while there is lots of traffic the traffic is usually moving very slowly. And there is enough room on the side of the road. But YMMV.

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