Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday's Special Treat

I think we've all been in the position where we found ourselves thinking of getting rid of something, only to appreciate it again with a new-found interest.

I have a bicycle collection (some may say obsession) that manifests itself in the form of a storage issue. Some might say that storing a bicycle in one's bedroom is a little strange. (I say they are pretty bikes, nice to look at, two would be better than one. ) There is the whole problem of finances... not enough money to buy bikes. So, the storage issue and finance issue has on occasion led me to the irrational thought of selling off a bike.

The bike up for discussion this morning would be the one that I refer to as "Curt's Bike." I may have shared the acquisition story behind this particular bike, but it's a custom Rivendell road bike that I picked up from Curt Goodrich. I happen to think he's an incredibly nice guy and EXTREMELY talented builder. The bike I bought, I just couldn't resist the buying opportunity.

It's been cleaned up and set up just the way that I would like it to fit and a collection of parts that I really enjoy. It's a road bike, with short reach calipers, no fenders, no rack. Not a bike that I would consider being real practical. This lack of usability or practicality has on occasion prompted me to come up with the disturbing thought of selling it.

Last night, I made an effort to prepare my clothes for work. Since last week I rode the parade bike, I thought as part of a Friday treat,"why not ride Curt's Bike this week?"

So down the driveway I rolled, things packed in my Timbuk 2 bag on Curt's bike. Let's just say that within the first mile I had completely dismissed any thoughts of selling. What a joy, what an absolute pleasure to ride. I've gotten so used to riding the Quickbeam that when I get on one of my "Good" bikes, it feels like SUCH a treat to ride. I am looking forward to the ride home.


thad said...

I suffer similar conundrums with my road bike as it typically sits unused for most of the year.

My solution has been "Ferrari Friday's" where I ride in the roadie as a treat or reward. Super fast, super fun.

Pete said...

Too many bikes. Such a wonderful problem!

cyclofiend said...

Yep. That makes a whole bunch of sense. You should print out that post and mail to yourself in a letter marked "Open If You Decide To Sell Curt's Bike". Feel free to add the phrase - "Are you NUTS Man?" in burnt sienna crayon...

Me, I went the other way purely by chance. I've had a silly-light carbon Lemond/Trek that was my main road bike until I began riding the QB. It just wasn't getting ridden, and when it did, it didn't quite feel right. Light, snappy, fast, yes...but.... Then when I mentioned to a friend that I was "thinking about selling..." he offered me enough that I can pay off the balance on my on-order Hilsen and have something left over, and the bike was gone within 24 hours. Kinda like pulling off the bandaid very, very quickly.

So, I think I've come out ahead.

- Jim

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