Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Weather and Clothing

I wrote a bit about clothing last week. It seemed like we had a good trial run and that my shopping frustrations were well timed with a turn for the cool. My on-line purchases filtered into the household last week proving again that Brown can do SO much more than my local stores sometimes.

I hate ordering things and would much rather walk into a store, touch the product, buy it, and go home. This used to be so true with the music store... where a weakness overcomes me and I cannot fight the desires to buy a half dozen albums at a time. Nothing like getting in the car and trying to decide which new CD to listen to on the way home. Unfortunately, it's been A LONG time since I was able to walk into a halfway decent music store and get a recommendation on tunes from anyone truly knowledgeable about music.

Enough about that tangent...Note to self that evidently Google weather information must be cached somewhere. I woke up on Friday, checked the computer to see that it was 51 and left the house in shorts, knee warmers, no hat, no gloves. I have to learn not to use the TCF bank as the center of my meteorological information. It's only a block away and by then too late for me. Friday the bank said 40. I have yet to turn around and go home to change. I have this (perhaps flawed) theory that I am best off almost uncomfortably cold until the point that I get about a mile from my house... It's at that point where my body has come up to operating temperature and I can tell if I am properly dressed. Friday, I reached my mile or so away and knew I was under-dressed.

Although I was only wearing a single layer on top (my new Ibex Shak jersey) I was just right up top. I could have used something more for my shorts, but I was wearing my new Ibex knee warmers. These are the NICEST knee warmers that I have ever seen. Thick wind-blocking wool up front, thinner in the back. Mmmm...toasty. The Shak top, I can see why I might want more than one. Finely crafted here in the good ol' USofA (of imported fabric.) Thick, heavy fabric, wool, something that could be worn for more than just riding. (In fact I wore it out Friday night!) Gloves... hands were numb by the time I got to work. Head... painfully cold.

Last week had me thinking I would have to revive some of the get-ups that I would leave the house in last year! Though, I would strongly recommend the sleeveless flannel shirt as a top... a make-do vest does wonders for blocking the wind, keeping the core warm and matching the overall lumberjack goes-a-biking look we all desire.

But, now again... it's warm this week. Still time to hit up some thrift stores around town and hunt for some nice wool sweaters. I'd love to find one with patches on the elbows. I'm thinking tomorrow I will go shopping...

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