Friday, September 21, 2007

Knock on Wood

I struck up a conversation with another commuter riding home a couple of weeks ago. One of the things that we talked about was rain and the fact that it has been a virtually free of rain on the way summer.

I've completely lost track of what day it is or what happened on which day. I know that on one day, I rode to work in the pouring rain. Granted, it didn't START to rain until I was well on my way. But, when I left... I knew it was going to rain. Clothes stayed dry thanks to my practice of packing everything vital in dry bags inside panniers. There was no chance of my clothing drying during work.

It didn't really matter much after the initial shock of putting on cold wet cycling shorts, wet socks, wet shirt, and soggy shoes. Once I got outside for the ride home, it was pouring rain again.

Yesterday, I rode home from downtown MPLS in pouring rain again. This morning on the way into work, it rained lightly again. I'm not really complaining since it was a warm rain.

Today made for 39 consecutive days of riding my bike to and from work. The week has flown by. We moved into a new office and everyone is getting settled. The building has a shower which gives me a place to change clothes and get cleaned up in the morning.

Thursday we had a company celebration at the Metrodome where I played kickball a bit too aggressively. From running, chasing the ball, starting, stopping, and lunging... my legs are TIRED. I darted out a couple minutes earlier than I would have liked to stick around last night. I heard the thunder from inside the dome and made a run for my bike since I hadn't covered the saddle with anything to keep it dry.

Running up the stairs from the floor of the dome to leave, I could feel my legs from having been playing so hard. The ride home was okay, but this morning and this evening my legs were lifeless. Good thing it is Friday... I can sleep in!

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