Monday, November 05, 2007

Mysteriously Absent

I've been very busy lately, too much so to feel like I have had the luxury of time to put down a few thoughts. The weather seems to have taken a turn toward blustery. Rode home in snow flurries and 35 degrees. That's okay, it's a dry cold.

Registration for TransIowa is open. Sent off the post card on Saturday. I guess this means that I am doing it. Sucker! Looks like there is a good gravel grinder planned for two weeks before out of Red Wing called Ragnarök 105 two weeks before out of Red Wing. Could be a good training ride? Last year I rode from here to Red Wing, over to about Northfield and back home. I am entertaining the idea of riding down to do the gravel-grinder, then home again?


mnultraguy said...

I sent in my postcard for the Ragnarök yesterday, so let me know if you might be interested in riding down.

-d said...

TIv4 postcard left yesterday. Hope to ride with you to the FINISH this year. Complete change of everything.

The lakes rock. I have had a pair for a few years. Yes, they are gigantic. Make sure you put a piece of ducttape between the cleat and sole, otherwise water can get in.

by the way, my email address is danfhensleyathotmail if you wanna chat gear and such.

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