Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Random Thoughts

Tonight, I have nothing coherent to share other than a conglomeration of random thoughts that have come to mind.

Time truly flies. With the end of daylight saving time, it's dark in the morning on my way to work, dark on the way home. Now more than ever I appreciate running with a generator hub for a headlight.

I so appreciate the "down-time" of my bike ride to and from work. These 2 hours of time offer so much the way of time to sort out thoughts and put life in perspective. Sure, I have to keep wits about me to stay safe, but the time spent in the saddle for me offers just undisturbed thinking time.

I like Ginkgo trees. We used to have one on the boulevard of our home in Saint Paul. They have an interesting leaf shape. What brings this to mind is the fact that each fall, Ginkgo trees seem to loose all of their leaves at once. Last night must have been the night. It was windy on Monday and Tuesday. This morning, under the Ginkgo trees of NE Minneapolis, the ground was COVERED with leaves under bare trees.

Each week the temperature continues to drop and I continue to fine-tune my clothing. I have found that it's better for me to make it through my hour ride and be a little on the too-warm side. I'd much rather ride when it's 95 degrees outside, my body just feels better when things are hot. So, letting the thermostat run a little high for me seems to feel better.

For some reason, I have been feeling the sense of loss for Paul Kuettel who died peacefully on Sunday. I'd met him once, exchanged emails, and read his blog.
There's something a little haunting about his last few posts for me. He was involved with our Roseville Local Issues forum as well.

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