Friday, December 14, 2007


5 days this week
5 days ridden
-2 temperature this morning
3 wool jerseys
2 pair of wooly covers for legs
2 pairs of wool socks
2 layers of wool on noggin
2 times stopping to adjust clothing because too warm
1 time stopping to adjust clothing because too cold
1 large icicle on my chin
212 carbide studs on my Nokian tires to which I give thanks for keeping me upright today. Wind-blown snow has iced over a few areas on the route in
15 miles
90 minutes. Rode slow because I am tired and tried to regulate temperature with exertion level
0 times of bothering to switch light on or off on bike
0 times of getting to ride during daylight in last several weeks
0 amount of motivation
24 hours of sleep this week
8 hangers required in my cube to hang clothing to dry during the day
2 days this weekend to catch up on sleep
14 day of the month, happy Birthday Dad
1 lonely other biker spotted today riding

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-d said...

This morning I didn't want to go to work. I didn't want to ride my bike. I wanted to lay in bed, lay on the sofa, watch TV. I seriously considered driving.

But I knew you would be getting up and riding in -2 and dark while I had to deal with 35 and the sunrise.

Aggrivation. Motivation.

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