Monday, December 17, 2007

Fine Monday

A restful weekend when I caught up with some much-needed sleep. I think I am coming around on feeling better too. For the last couple of weeks, I have been fighting a cold that has really kicked my @$$ when it comes to energy level.

Today was a fresh start on a week of what is supposed to be nicer weather. It was 13 this morning when I left, so not exactly what one would call warm by any means. Supposed to get up to 30 today so hopefully my ride home will be nicer.

Anika went to the coop yesterday to get stocked up on goodies for around the house. This means that I got to bring in a load of groceries to restock my personal food cache at work. Dried fruit, nuts, and snacks. Weighed my panniers when I got here this morning just because I was curious to know... 30 pounds of miscellaneous supplies.

'twas a very pleasant ride in this morning. The kind of day when it just feels good to be on a bike, happy to look around. Perhaps I was in sleepy daze, but I was almost all the way to work today before I even realized where I was. Maybe this is a good thing... or not.

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