Thursday, December 20, 2007

Rare Daylight Ride

As the week wears on, the sleep deprivation eventually begins to take its toll on my energy level. I have a harder time getting my sorry rear out of bed. A full 56 minutes of snoozing this morning. The simple side of me finds that fact that our alarm clock has a 7 minute snooze when every other alarm clock I’ve ever owned has a 9 minute snooze.

Followed the morning routine, trying to concentrate on accepting the fact that I cannot make up for time spent snoozing. Had an “organic fair trade” banana, my morning vitamins, half a glass of organic orange juice, a cup of coffee, and a brownie just to balance things out.

Off on the bike at 6:30am. Mild weather continues with this morning being the nicest that I can recall in what feels like a LOOONG time. 24 degrees at the epicenter for meteorological studies: TCF Bank.

Donned from head to toe in wool, I was dressed perfectly and could have ridden for hours today. I think the 20’s are the perfect winter temperature. Cold enough to keep things from getting too sloppy, yet warm enough to be really comfortable to ride, with the best fact being that I can ride without my face covered. This allows me to enjoy my morning cup of coffee while riding to work. Life is grand.

I wandered a bit today and took a few stops to take some photographs along the way. I have no way to get the photos off the camera at this time, so I will have to share them later.

I continue to be impressed with the number of other cyclists that I see during the winter time. Yesterday I counted 5, today I counted 3. That might not seem like a LOT, but in December, I am still impressed. I rode with another guy for a few miles. One of the great things about riding a bike is the ability to easily interact with another person while headed the same direction. Not everyone is social, but sometimes I get a lift from having someone to talk to instead of the isolated feeling of being out on my own.


-d said...

"One of the great things about riding a bike is the ability to easily interact with another person" apposed to interacting with another while driving a car, which usually requires proof of insurance and a deductable. Glad you had a good ride.

Reflector Collector said...

I totally agree. I would think we would have a much better society if people were willing and able to interact with one another. But, then again... I think of myself as a bit of the "Village Idiot"... Willing to talk to anyone sometimes.

Unfortunately we have become a society of iPod wearing, single occupancy vehicle operating, continuous cell-phone wielding people who are afraid to make eye contact with strangers.

Amazing the people one can meet while riding a bicycle. Perhaps I am just lonely and need someone to talk to ;)

Paul said...

So, what time does that first alarm go off anyway.

I am just as guilty as you, but I am not riding to work! Doh!

Reflector Collector said...

I begin ignoring the alarm clock at 5am. I've sometimes been able to go all week getting right out of bed at 5, but recently it's been 5:21 or 5:28.

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