Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Wow, what a wonderful Tuesday

Despite only getting 5 hours of sleep again last night, today made for a wonderful ride in. I must be feeling well again.

I've come to call it the "Receding Hairline" The tiny margin of roadway that one gets to ride on during the winter months. The longer we go without fresh snowfall, the snowbanks recede a bit and there is more room to ride. Not plowing through snow, the commute feels more normal.

Temperature this morning was 19. Funny how riding in the cold of last week distorts perspective. I've been getting by with two light layers of wool and an old windbreaker that I cut the sleeves off.

Only a few more days to go this week. We have Monday and Tuesday off for Christmas so I hope to put in some longer recreational rides this weekend. I am looking forward to riding in the daylight for a change. I need to replenish my vitamin-D and vitamin-Fun.

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rigtenzin said...

I've been thinking about the receding snow lately and now I have a good term to describe it.

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