Friday, February 08, 2008

Friday Thoughts

18 degrees and light snow this morning. The down side being that I was going to treat myself to riding a nice bike to work today. I figured from yesterday’s ride home that things were clear enough to pass for a nice ride into work. Although this plan was foiled, the small amount of accumulation was just enough to quiet the hum of my Nokian studded snow tires. Tired (pardon the pun) of these tires though they have probably saved my bacon.

I was late on my departure today. The advantage of leaving later is that it is brighter outside. Disadvantage is that there is more morning traffic. I was almost taken out this morning by a driver deciding to pass between stopped traffic to take a left turn and cross the bike lane (what there is of it) on Como Avenue. I locked up the rear and could feel the front wheel beginning to slide but managed to not crash into the snowbank on my right, the stopped car to my left of the oncoming car crossing my path.

Later in my ride, I did manage to crash… Turning left from Plymouth Avenue to Theo Wirth Parkway. There is a stop sign at the bottom of what is a nice little hill into a nice sweeping left turn. There is good sight-line so I often go through the stop sign at a pretty good clip. This morning I paid my dues… there’s a bit of a quick down then back up… just enough to un-weight the bike a bit. That diminished traction with some greasy snow was enough to go down and slide. No harm, no foul.

It was a wonderful ride in… one of those days when I am reminded just how much I really like to ride my bike.

I’m trying to figure out mileage as I have confused myself with where I’m at. Another testament to the frustration I experience trying to keep track of things. I find computers frustrating and annoying on a bike. Perhaps I can somehow mount one on the bike and hide it somewhere so that I don’t have to look at it all the time.

Have a nice weekend, hope it doesn't turn bitter cold like the weather guessers have predicted.

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