Monday, February 11, 2008

Try Again Tomorrow

Things were going along just swimmingly last week. The temperatures were perfect for winter riding and the days are getting longer. It felt, for a moment, like we had perhaps had our last truly arctic cold. But, well, then along on Saturday came an Alberta Clipper and with it double-digit below temperatures. Along with the plunge of the mercury went my spirits.

This morning's ride to work was 8 below. The ride home was 4. I was better dressed and comfortable this morning. But, my body does not work well in the cold temps... Everything seems to happen SO BLOODY SLOWLY. Eeeeshhhh...

I knew I was in trouble on the way home when my mind turned to thinking about the destination rather than the journey. I think anyone who has ever gone for a bike ride has been on one of those where your mind turns and all you can think about is it being over.

Glad today is over. I'll try again tomorrow.

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