Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Random Thoughts

On the ride in this morning, a number of different things were on my mind.

The passing of Sheldon Brown. For those of you who have not been faced with a question about something bicycle related, you may not know who this man was. For anyone ever having searched for compatibility questions or history of some esoteric bike part, you've probably come across this man's name. Thank you for your contributions, sorry to hear the news of his passing.

The Arrowhead 135. Whenever I might convince myself that I might be doing something ridiculous, I’m always humbled by some other event or accomplishment. Figuring that today will bring the news of results. I’ll spend the next several evenings following results and reading whatever I can find from the people who choose to share their experience.

North American Handmade Bicycle Show: Coming up this weekend out in Portland. Would have really liked to have gone. Since I have a bike on order, and hope to get it in a few months here, I think it would have been interesting to see what kinds of influences I may have found. One of the last things I probably need is more of a reason to want another bike of some kind.

The tornados that hit Nashvegas… Wondering how Dan is doing

The Keith Ledger “accidental overdose”… Um, accident… Sure if you call taking a handful of prescription drugs to deal with life an accident. I get tired of our culture of idolizing celebrities…

Politics… I am so effin tired of hearing about politics… I want to know where the candidate willing to stand up on a platform of “personal responsibility.” Take care of yourself, reducing costs of healthcare, make sure your kids go to school and pay attention so they learn, save money, reduce-reuse-recycle, and treat people as you want to be treated.

Thinking of attending this:

‘nough said… Now go ride yer bike.


-d said...

I'm fine, thanks. The storm/tornado that did 90% of the damage made a bee-line for my house, then lifted up for about 10 miles and flew over. It sat back down and ripped up the north-eastern part of the area. Lots of distruction and some death. I stood outside and watched it as my wife and a friend sat in the basement watching the news. Not so smart, but very intersting.

Metro Nashville is having sidewalk meetings. Hope to get more human-power transpotation friendly everyday. Good luck in MN.

-d said...

Oh yeah, I leave for the Handmade show friday morning. (rubbing it in)

Jman said...

You're back! Great to see...Amen on the personal responsibility candidate.

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