Sunday, February 17, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

Much progress was made in many ways this weekend.

Saturday I met a couple of the guys from County Cycles in Roseville (my old shop) and we rode down to Frostbike at the Quality Bicycle Products annual open house. For a day, I felt like I was back in the bike shop business. Felt like one of the rat-pack of bike shop workers, something I very much enjoyed.

While together Scott and his wife own a car, they really don't use it much. Scott relies on his bike for primary transportation. At one point, Joe owned a car but I believe that it has lapsed into such a state of disrepair that it is no longer road-worthy. He'll catch the occasional ride here and there, but he too relies on his bike.

It was good to talk with a couple of fellow year round cyclists. Good to share a few stories of winter-time fun and not-so-fun on the bike while making it through the winter. We had a great ride down to QBP, stopping for a donut on the way down.

Frostbike itself was entertaining. Walked the aisles looking over the manufacturers' latest offerings. Came to the realization that although I really enjoy bicycles and products, I'd rather put them together and ride them than look at them. My favorite product has to be the Surly Big Dummy.

The ride home was sunny, 35-ish degrees, and tailwind. Doesn't get much better, well 'cept the fact that we dropped by the Groveland Tap for a number of pitchers of beer.

Stopped at Hiawatha on the way home and picked up a new chain. Now that I have read Doug's post, it seems that I saw him out test-riding his new Long Haul Trucker. See his post here.

I spent a little time in the basement laboratory cleaning up the drive-train on the Quickbeam on Sunday. New chainring and installed the new chain. Should make for a nice sweet smooth ride for the rest of the spring.

Worked on my nice bike too... the Rivendell Parade bike. Stripped all of the gear-changing devices off and mounted up the fixed-gear drive train in preparation for TransIowa. My tentative plan will be to bring the Quickbeam complete with fenders if there's any chance for rain. If the forecast is more favorable, I'm riding the Rivendell. The fit is the same on both bikes. Although they are incredibly similar; the Rivendell custom is loads more comfortable.

In contrast to Saturday's lovely ride home, I stepped out this morning into 0.6 degree winter wonderland again. A light snow and windy, 15mph out of the Northwest with gusts in the 25mph range. Mmmm... Fun.


-d said...

pics of the Riv please? Me, I'll be taking fenders along.

Doug said...

Now that I think about it, three guys did come in while I was at Hiawatha Cyclery. I saw one had a Quickbeam, another had a Pake, and I'm not sure what the third was. That must have been you!! Too bad we didn't get a chance to meet!

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