Thursday, March 06, 2008

Banana Chocolate Mint

Zero point six degrees this morning. I can tell that Spring is in the air. The longer hours of sun combined with yesterday’s relatively mild temperatures seemed to do wonders for many of the streets. Mother Nature took care of much of the work that our public works departments evidently chose to ignore.

Woke up almost on time this morning. ½ pot of coffee, vitamins, ½ glass of orange juice, 1 banana and a half dozen Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies because proper breakfast is important. Bananas don’t really agree with my stomach all that well, but that reminder mixed with the chocolaty mint from the cookies made for a pleasant combination this morning. I can envision the new energy bar flavor now :)


Matt said...

Our thin mints (purchased from the Yokanovich clan, of course) barely lasted the weekend. Those things are like crack. Next year I am just making a donation, you can keep the cookies.:-)

Though I wish we had some more around so I could try your new combination.

Reflector Collector said...

"Those things are like crack."

Yeah... my 1/2 dozen estimate was conservative. An open package is an empty package.

Paul said...

I think I will be bringing those Girl Scout cookies on TI this year. Have you seen how many calories those babies have!??!

Reflector Collector said...

Calories... Yeah, I think there are like 35 calories each.

Delivered some crack anonymously to our neighbor yesterday... Te he he... Run Matt, run. :)

Matt said...

Yeah, "thanks" Ken. :-)

What's 35 times 24?

Reflector Collector said...

35 x 24 = Several Long Rides/Runs

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