Friday, March 07, 2008

Spring Is In The Air

One of the keys of science is repeatability. This morning we were out of bananas, but still had an ample supply of Thin Mints. While still a pleasant breakfast treat, not the same as yesterday’s delight.

Spring is in the air. Eight point seven degrees below zero this morning. Dressed just right though. Took the longer route to work even… After all, it is Friday.

Today is day number 160 in a row. Do not think that tomorrow will bring the LONG ride I had hoped to get in. Temperatures are supposed to be below zero in the morning. I do not know that I have it in me to take a stab at 6-8 hours on the bike.

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mnultraguy said...

I have been noticing the shadows are longer in the afternoon's, so I am counting the days until Spring is here! Was looking forward to a warm weekend and losing some of the grit, but it looks like we might have to ride through it next week during the thaw.

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