Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Quasi Spring

I will begin by answering my own question. “Yes!” It is too early to remove the studded tires. Okay, it could be more of a strong “maybe” qualified with a precautionary message to “be careful.”

Yesterday was almost 50 degrees. I left work on time and took off for a trip to Hiawatha Cyclery to finally pick up my new tires. I had Jim order some Schwalbe Marathon Supremes.

I had hopes of finding a big wide road tire, and the Schwalbe’s sounded like they would fit the bill at a promised 42x622 ISO size. Hoping that they would measure out to the ISO size of 42mm in width, but once mounted, they don’t quite even live up to the listed size of 40mm. I measured them at just over 35mm on a relatively wide rim. Oh well...

Perhaps I should have gone with the 50x622 which are listed at 28x2.0. Anyone confused yet? Yes, the whole world of tire sizes IS confusing. The marketing departments of the bike industry are not doing anyone any benefit by calling an agreed upon industry standard size something other than what it is.

Last night I took out the garden hose and rinsed much of the accumulated sand and salt off of the Quickbeam and brought it inside. After dinner, parts came off and my 8 year old daughter helped in the cleaning process while watching American Idol. I removed the Nokian studded tires and mounted the new Schwalbe Marathon Supremes.

Ahhhhhhhh…. Silence. 33 this morning with no studded tires. Pure cycling bliss.

Well, until I was flying through Theo Wirth Park on the bike path and the whole bike disappeared from underneath me and I hit the ground hard. I slid for a good 20 feet on the icy wetness that had flowed out overnight on the bike path. 99 percent of my route to work is clear and I will be altering my route to avoid Theo until it is truly spring and the chances of ice are gone.


-d said...

OUCH! glad you are ok.

Me said...

"Man who remove studded tire early...

...funny, impatient, and often black-n-blue man" ~Buddha


Reflector Collector said...

Hmmmm... AM I okay? Definitely not normal, but not injured either.

I think one of the funniest things is that I should know better. I should learn from my own lessons. Last year’s post:

Man who not learn from history, bound to repeat it.

Pete said...

The weather gods have decided to smite thee.

Jim Thill said...

I read some post on some RBW/iBOB related bulletin board from a person who bought some Rivendell tires and was disappointed that they weren't as wide as advertised. When the person called to complain, Grant told him to pump up the tires and let them sit for a day. Apparently the tires stretched to something close to the advertised size. Hopefully yours will stretch too. The feel of a 36 mm cushion is much better than those skinny 35s you're running.

Reflector Collector said...

I realize now with a day of riding without the Nokians just how BAD they rode. It's so much better to be riding on something big and puffy... and quiet.

I have no qualms with the Marathons (or where I purchased them.) I just wish that there were a better way for companies to represent tire sizes.

I'll will use them, give a good run, try to compare them to what else I have, I will wear them out... I reserve my judgement... Just wish that I could manage to find something big, wide, light, with a good ride.

I really like the Pasela Tourguards in 700x35 (measure to be 37's) but wish I could find the 700x37 in foldable.

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