Thursday, March 13, 2008

Woooo Hooooo....

Man, I've been having more fun on the bike than a person should be legally able to.

Really? You ask rhetorically....

Yeah. After trudging through all winter, being so precautionary on how fast I ride, regulating speed to remain comfortable and not get too cold, it feels so good to take the reins off and just GO.

I heard on the radio this morning that last night was the first night since November 17th when the overnight temperature had not dipped below freezing. That's a long time in my book.

Seems that I am not the only one out enjoying the more mild weather. I am amazed at the number of people I have been seeing outside recently. There are a LOT more people on bikes, walking, and jogging. In many ways it is good to see so many people out. In a bit of a selfish way, there is a part of me that will miss some of the solitude that winter provided.

Off tonight, out of town on Friday, hopeful long ride on Saturday. Have a great weekend everyone. Go ride yer bikes.

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Matt said...

I know what you mean, the solitude thing. In January, I was a WINTER WARRIOR - battling the elements, tempting fate with every pedal stroke, head into the wind on my trusty steed.

Now I am just another dude on a bicycle.

However - that is still far cooler than being just another dude in a sedan sitting in traffic.

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