Thursday, April 17, 2008

Feeling SASsy?

Spring. Evidently it is not only easier to ride a bicycle without studded tires and heavy clothing, it must also be easier to work the accelerator pedal in automobiles.

Perhaps it is the fact that my ears are no longer covered by layers of both a climatological, but sound-insulating wool. There seems to be an increase in the number of people affected with SAS. Sudden Acceleration Syndrome.

As if scoffing at the high price of fuel, these people seem to feel the need to press extra-hard on the gas pedal. Yes, give 'er some extra gas to make sure that you can pass me on the open road, after all, I am going maybe 17mph. Sure, spin those tires when leaving the stop sign. I am sorry that you had to wait your turn for a bicycle. Every race car driver knows that you accelerate out of a corner, especially when braking so late in an effort to get around me at the last minute.

For the record: Yes, I'm impressed. Every time.


mnultraguy said...

I am glad I am not the only one who has run ins with SAS afflicted people. I hear there is hope though and it is called a bicycle! I like the ones that speed by me so they can get to the end of line at the stop light/sign.

Doug said...

Same thing is happening in my town. This morning I actually sat up and applauded one of the rednecks impressive acceleration around me in his four door full size pick-up. I muttered to myself that he must have used a whole gallon of gas for that one! I just laughed at the thought of him at the gas pump putting in another $100 of petro so he could go out and impress more people.

Jim Thill said...

The redneck-in-a-pickup stereotype notwithstanding, I have had this done to me by a cross-section of the local demography. Blue haired old ladies in Buicks. Hemp-wearing people in Subarus pasted with every tree-hugging left-wing sticker ever made. And of course, plenty of old boys in jacked up trucks.

Reflector Collector said...

Yes, vehicles of every description. People of every apparent walk of life.

Yesterday I was most impressed by a man in an Audi A6. He must have gotten up to at least 60 on a residential street by the time he passed me. Going too fast he then failed to be able to stop for a stop sign. Cruising through the intersection he then made it another block before he had to wait for traffic to clear before turning.

I was just catching back up to him when he pulled out into busy traffic right in front of another car.

An impressive display of fine German engineering.

Anonymous said...

I was smoked by Corvette Z06, I could here the tyres chirping on each shift through all 6 gears and he had to be doing at least a buck and quarter when I could no longer see him...the sound was heavenly...nothing quite like an American V8. I WAS IMPRESSED so much so a week later I had one my garage. It gets me from point A to point faster than the old Trek.
Thanks for saving more gas for me!

Reflector Collector said...

Mmmm... Z06. Fun, yes. However one looks at it, I am not in the financial position to afford a car right now. I'm not sure I could even swing the cost of insurance on a Vette. Or the tires.

Yeah, a car or motorcycle for me would be like drugs. Better to not even entertain the idea, affraid that I might like it.

As for "nothing quite like an American V8" Yeah, that's quite true. I have a large reminder parked in the garage of just why. Yes, 1991 Cadillac, state of the art GM.

You are welcome, I am saving gas for everyone else. Just doin' my part.

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