Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What Does it Cost to Ride A Bike?

Before you say "nothing" think about it... I know I have been

I've recently worn off enough on a pair of my coworkers that they have not only considered riding bikes to work, they have actually been doing it!I have been filling the role of "EXPERT" and answering LOTS of questions.

How to carry stuff: Backpacks will work in a pinch, but neither wanted to carry anything on their backs. Beside the lack of general availability there is a social stigma against the incredible flexibility of a basket, so they each purchased racks and panniers. $$$$

Bikes: Each already owned bikes, both sharing their distaste about the experience have having each purchased bicycles from Erik's Bike Shop. Both owned bikes at least one size too small. Both are considering the purchase of something else, but I cannot come up with a recommendation that would be both economical and commuter ready.

Misc: lights, clothing, etc.

I don't know if I have really drawn a conclusion, but I do find the whole vicarious experience interesting.


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean: After countless panniers and other bags, on my variety of bikes, I'm finally making my 15-mile roundtrip commute on an old Dunelt 3-speed and an early 80's Raleigh Marathon - both with BASKETS! Baskets are the best thing a commuter can have.

Not that anyone asked me :), but I don't think your coworkers can really go wrong with a hybrid. They are inexpensive, comfy to ride, upright and plentiful as dirt.

Jim Thill said...

Ken, you should come see my new boat sometime. Thanks!

Also, I'm really into baskets.

Paul said...

I used to golf a lot.... that was damn expensive. I run quite a bit... other than new clothes every year or so and two pairs of shoes a year that was cheap. But, biking so far as been my most expensive hobby and I have pretty inexpensive bikes when it comes down to it.

Sure beats the hell out of 3.50 gas that is for sure! Talk about burning up your money!

I would recommend to your friends a skinny tire, 700c, flat bar hybrid if they are into comfortable. They are fast, yet comfortable. I have a $300 Giant Hybrid and it is very painfully inefficient and slow. I can't stand that bike now!

Anonymous said...

Forgo the front rack!

Wald's racks are so damned cheap and so amazingly functional. I only have one and recently took to riding my stripped down fixie without it and cry every morning I strap a messenger bag or backpack to my back. In fact, I may just go buy a new basket tomorrow.

They are fantastic and faaaaar cheaper than rear racks/panniers.

Anonymous said...


Forgo the REAR rack.

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