Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Good Reading.

There was a sensationalized “investigative” story on the local news station last night about bicycles running stop signs. Days prior to story airing, members of both Minneapolis Bike Love and Minnesota Off Road Cyclists had pages of discussions. Cyclists defending the behavior of violating laws in the name of self-righteous moral justification and for reasons of self-preservation.

Here’s the link to the story and the reactions of several people:

Sadly, I think the story and reaction to it will do nothing in the way of promoting cycling as a viable transportation alternative. Sadly, this story somewhat disheartens me. I think I am going to go ride my bike.

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cornfed said...

I had a similar battle fought here in Franklin. A large percentage of cyclists tend to run a 3 way stop at rush hour, causing all sorts of headaches. I caught the brunt daily for 2 weeks from angered drivers despite always stopping, signaling, and trying to be a courteous commuter. I thought the lot had gone mad until I read about the issue in the paper and the pending closing the road to cyclists...
funny how no one seems to know the laws governing cyclists, let alone those for cars (and in TN they are basically the same).

Thank goodness for the midwest and the bike safety courses from k-8 and then the drivers education course in high school.

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