Monday, April 28, 2008

Magnificent Difference

With my unexpected early return from Iowa on Saturday, I had a full Sunday to unpack and get things back in order. I did some maintenance work on the Quickbeam switching it back to full on commuter duty again. Funny when I write that considering the only change that I made to the bike was to install an easier gear. Back to my normal 42 chainring up front and 18t cog in back.

For late April, I wouldn't expect the temperature to be quite as chilly as it has been. It was only 28 degrees this morning when I left for work. On the road, it felt so amazing to be back on my bike.

Since the adventure in Iowa was cut so short, my legs felt 100% this morning. With the normal gear on, I was flying (for me) to work. The difference between the amount of energy I put out to go so quickly compared to Saturday when I was going SO SLOW was simply amazing. It felt good to open it up a bit, pedal and go fast, throw caution to the wind and just ride. No concern about having to save some energy for a weekend long ride.

I'm free. While I make it a point to enjoy every ride, I can truly ride for fun now. Feeling in the best shape of my life, I wonder where I should go? How many hours can I get away with being gone? What areas can I explore?

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