Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fun on Two Wheels

There is something easier about getting up at dawn when the opportunity presents itself for a recreational ride. Saturday morning, I was awake before the alarm went off. Laying in bed, conscious, I could hear the slight sound that the clock makes before that awful alarm sound.

Out of bed at 4:55am on Saturday. Small bowl of cereal and a half of a pot of coffee and I was out the door by 5:20. Drove down to Lebanon Hills Regional Park for some fun in the dirt. I took two different bikes with me with thoughts that I might switch things up a little. Instead, I was so entertained; I stuck with riding the one.

I set out on my old Trek OCLV carbon fiber off-roader set up old-school. Rigid fork up front with an old cantilever brake. White Industries ENO singlespeed hub in the rear, set up fixed gear only. That’s it. About as simple of a bike as one could have. FUN FUN FUN.

I rode one lap before meeting up with my big brother for a second. He took off after a lap and then I did two more complete laps with several more repeat laps around the nested advanced expert trail.

I REALLY enjoy the technical challenges of riding off road on a fixed gear bicycle. Balancing through the technical trail features: log piles, rock gardens, jumps, etc. Of my four laps, I only "cleaned" everything on fourth and final lap. Only 25% success at making through everything without the need to put a foot down on the ground.

For me, there is definitely something playful about riding off road. It was a wonderful opportunity to ride and play. My only wish is that there were somewhere closer to my house where I could ride off-road or wish that there were a way to haul a bike on a bike so that I could ride to the trails.

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Jim Thill said...

You can borrow my rickshaw to haul your bike.

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