Monday, June 02, 2008

Wraps on May

Cycling takes time, sometimes a lot of time. In order to squeeze my longer rides into the life-schedule, I often leave early in the morning. Saturday was no exception. What was abnormal was the fact that my friend Scott was willing to join in the fun. It was his seeming willingness to meet at 4am that caught me off guard.

We had talked to one another back in March or April, maybe as part of TransIowa about the informal goal of doing a century a month. Saturday was our last chance to squeeze in a century ride for May and neither of us had done one for May.

We rolled east through Saint Paul and out through Afton to cross into Wisconsin in Prescott. The scenery was stunning. A humid and cool morning, fog had accumulated in the low areas. The views were spectacular, the smell of spring was in the air. With a slight wind at our backs we rolled our way south and east on the county roads into East Ellsworth to make a pitstop at the creamery.

We each picked up several pounds of dairy products, repacked our bags, and began our ride back home. North and east through Beldenville, River Falls, and Hudson to cross back into Minnesota. Returning to home by 1:30 or so with almost exactly 125 miles on the odometer.

So, that put the wraps on May with 887 miles for the month and a total of 4,376 for the year.


-d said...

nice. really nice. Tell Scott I said howdy.

It's kinda neat to see how everyone's blogs and email lighten up as the weather turns. More work, riding and such. Glad you have time to ride.

rigtenzin said...

Your long rides have inspired me to do a long ride. Lately, I've been doing short rides, but I need a change and the time is now.

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