Tuesday, June 17, 2008

For Sale

Her loveliness, my partner in this confusing experience we call life, my wonderful wife is on my case about the number of bicycles that I own. As much as it might pain me to admit it, she’s right. I have too many “bikes.” (Not all of them quite qualify as bikes, some fall well into the “project” category.) So, here’s the beginning of the list of potential sellers.

The first step in solving a problem is admitting it exists, right?

1993 Trek 520 Touring 23” frame, fork, headset. Long horizontal dropouts with derailleur hanger installed by Bob Brown. Spaced for 135mm, cosmetically challenged, needs paint. An otherwise fine and very functional machine. $100. SOLD

1960’s? $h!+-Brown Schwinn Varsity. Size, way too small, like a 17” frame. Complete, almost as-new condition complete with original matching translucent brown plastic bar “tape.” Why do I own it? That’s a really great question… Because the 60’s and 70’s were cool and everyone needs to own a Varsity at some point? Nope, I was thinking that the mint chrome fenders could be used on something else that I own. Yours if you want it for the low, low price – Free.

Co-Motion custom mountain bike frame 2001? Orange. Warranty replacement of headtube by Co-Motion. Cool frame, but why do I need 4 off-road bicycles? $300

2007 Raleigh XXIX Size Large 29’r singlespeed complete bike. As new condition, ridden less than a handful of times. No pedals, no saddle, otherwise complete… $500. http://www.morcmtb.org/classifieds/showproduct.php?product=558&cat=2

Kick some Asphalt – 1989 Trek 7000 “mountain bike” 19” frame. Good commuter potential. Needs tubes, chain, and cables. Sticker on top tube says "Kick some Asphalt" You can have it as-is or $50 and I’ll make it ready to ride.

1950’s Hawthorne cruiser. Rust color. 1” pitch chain. Very cool bike, broken weld on seat-clamp, somewhat bent handlebars, but they have too cool of a shape to replace. $50 or best offer.

Mid 90’s Diamond Back “mountain bike” Ancient geometry, super looong wheelbase, horizontal dropouts. About a 20” frame. Wald basket up front, singlespeed conversion, fenders, riser bar. No pedals, no saddle with sale. Great grocery getter, liquor store runner, or commuter. $50

I’m going to refrain from listing more right now. Due to the overwhelming response guaranteed to generated by the whopping 5 or 6 people likely to encounter this, I am bound to busy negotiating the terms of sale. If I cannot manage to generate any interest here (very likely the case) perhaps you will be morbidly curious enough to read if I plan to feature each one and explain my rationale behind obtaining it or hanging on to it?


nickel said...

Someone was looking for a cruiser bike on MBL.

-d said...

huh...decided to sell about 18% of the bike inventory. cool. I will say the 520 rides like a dream. Whomever gets it, will be very satisfied.

rigtenzin said...

You are sick. How do I know? I have a similar number of odd-ball bikes hanging around. I just picked up a frame I don't need last weekend. In my defense, I'm trying to sell a bike on Craig's List right now.

Pete said...

You have a lot of bikes.

Apertome said...

That Trek 520 sounds nice. I'm actually almost on the market for something like that, but not quite ready. Also I fear it would be a little big, and I really need a complete bike. And I'm not local.

So that's probably too many factors for that to work. Tempting, though, in the abstract.

Stuart said...

Hi- saw your post about the Trek 520 for sale- is it still available?

Stuart said...

Forgot to ask this earlier- if the Trek is still available, could you ship (Illinois)or does it have to be local pick up?
Thanks in advance, Stuart homewood@core.com

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