Friday, June 20, 2008

Week Wrapup

Picked the wrong day to take the route down Como Avenue this morning. I should have known that something was going on yesterday when I attempted to take a different route to work yesterday and cut through the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. The security guard greeted the two other commuters that had a similar plan.

Not being one with an ear to the ground concerning car culture, I was unaware that it was time for Back To the 50’s Cars were lined up idling all the way down Como Avenue from Hamline to the entrance of the fairgrounds. Dan would have loved it though, they were all lined up covering up the bike lane.

Yup, nothing like starting the day with a mile of passing idling hot rods from the 1950’s. Honestly, I was starting to feel a little green from the exhaust smell.

Running behind schedule on a Friday… What’s a person to do? That’s right… Ferrari Friday. Took my Rivendell Custom road bike, slung the Timbuk2 bag over the shoulder and off on the long route to work. It was a beautiful morning for a ride.

Took the long way home yesterday via Hiawatha Cyclery to pick up a replacement headlight. Worked a bit on set up on my Rivendell All-Rounder making an attempt to get it ready for a long ride this weekend (thus the requirement for a headlight.)

Today is the 3rd day this week of riding a “nice” bike to work. Perhaps I should make it a regular thing to actually make a point of riding all of the various bikes that I own back and forth to work at least once in a while. Perhaps if I did this, I could actually have some merit to my arguments for owning them? Hmmm….

Have a nice weekend, hope to have a good ride report by Monday?

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