Monday, August 18, 2008


Back from a wonderful weekend, sore, tired, worn out. Determined on the way into work this morning on the bike that this is the way things should be. One should not use the weekend for recovery from the week, but instead use the week of work to recover from the weekend!

Saturday I took my youngest daughter Alison out for a ride on the back of the tandem. It was so fun to go for a ride and have conversation while riding around town. She is so content to be on a bike, it's amazing. At every turn I'd ask if she was doing okay and if she wanted to continue. Always wanting to keep going, we toured the midtown greenway, around Lake Calhoun, up around Cedar Lake, a trip right through downtown Minneapolis on the Hennepin Ave bike lane and then back home.

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Nary a complaint in the 30 miles. We returned home and spent the afternoon swimming, then went bowling.

Sunday the whole family went up to visit some friends in Stacy, MN. I left a bit early on my bike to meet them there. Took a nice scenic 45 or 50 mile route to get there. We then spend the entire afternoon swimming in the lake, playing, did some "tubing," and tried our hands at knee-boarding. I stayed on the knee board as long as my legs and arms could take it. Feeling adventurous I was trying to jump the wake, but managed to take a couple of good diggers.

I woke up this morning tired, sore, and sunburned. Yet, amazingly, it felt wonderful to ride my bike. By the time I arrived at work, I had loosened up and felt great. Once again, proving to myself that riding a bike is the cure-all for all that ails me.

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