Monday, August 11, 2008

Maintenance Pays Off

 I couldn't wait to ride my bike, I was actually up on time this morning.  The results of some work on the bike rewarded in a stunning ride to work this morning.

On my free Friday night, I dropped by Hiawatha Cyclery on my way home from work where I was able to pick up a replacement Velocity Dyad rim.  On Saturday night I rebuilt the rear wheel, and on Sunday did some much needed maintenance on my bike.  I remounted fenders, front rack, and lights, replaced brake shoes, and replaced the pedals.

Funny how having neglected a few things on the bike had affected my attitude about riding.  The "crunching"  sound of the failed bearings and the shuddering of the failed rim in back made both pedaling and stopping annoying.

Mornings are dark enough now to require a light and it was chilly enough that I was glad that I selected a wool top.  The ride was silent and the bike felt wonderful.  


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mnultraguy said...

Nice seeing you on Friday. Taking the long route to HC, but with all the road fubar on the other side of 294, I do not blame you. I need to do some upkeep on my ride, as you could see!

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