Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I received a voice mail yesterday afternoon that I think we all fear.  The message was from the Roseville Police Department informing me that our home had been burglarized. I got home to an awful discovery at the house and to a sad realization.

Sure enough, a team to two thugs had gone through the house top to bottom accumulating our valuables.  The worst of my curiosity and concern was realized when I found that the collection of rare and eclectic vintage bicycle components that I have squirreled away was left undisturbed.

I can mock myself since I am the victim here.  But this violation of our home may very well go down in the books as a further argument against my attempt to claim that the tidy sum of family funds that I have spent on bike parts is an investment.   Yes, indeed… the bicycle collection was left undisturbed.

Instead, a team of two miscreants had gone top to bottom through the house to collect virtually all of the household electronics, computer, PS3, WII, and television.  They’d smashed my daughter’s piggy bank, taken her recent birthday proceeds, and all of the other household change.   Obviously not your health conscious criminals, they left behind the virtually brand new WII “Fit” and my bike stuff, but did go for the lest practical items such as my wife’s jewelry.

I’m hopeful that the experience does not serve as ammunition against my arguments and rationalizing bike purchases with the claim that items are valuable and worth the investment.  Instead, I am certain to be reminded by my better half that it was her jewelry and the less practical household electronics would be more commercially valuable than my bicycle obsession.

Sometime yesterday morning the Roseville police department received a call from a  concerned citizen that two suspicious individuals had parked a car in their neighborhood and set off on foot.  Police were dispatched and an unmarked officer waited until the individuals returned.  Sometime around noon the suspects returned to the car and drove off.  They were followed by the Roseville PD to our house were they backed into our driveway.  Police waited for a few minutes until several squad cars descended upon the house to catch the guys in the act of loading our goods in their car.

I’m uncertain how things will proceed from here or when we might get the possessions back that had already been loaded into the car.  They’re evidence now.  We did get our household electronics back.  The cretins had “disconnected” the Sony Playstation 3 and WII by brute-force.  Pulling cords and forcefully pulling the built-in entertainment center from the wall.  I’d love to send the bill to these thugs for the 3 ½ hours of time and the cost of new audio visual cabling costs that it took to re-assemble everything last night. 

I’d also like to send a bill for the personal suffering and disappointment that I experienced because I caught a ride home from my wife in the car.  Last night’s trip home in the car was the first time that I haven’t ridden a bike home from work in over 14 months.  I guess I can say that I still haven’t ridden to work in that long?!!


mnultraguy said...

Sorry to hear about that. At least they caught the bums.

Jim Thill said...

The lesson here is to bury your jewelry and electronics in piles of bike parts.

Me said...


Glad to see you and the family are ok, and thankfully not home when they entered [or possibly, being home would have discouraged their entry?]... in either event, just glad that the non-replaceables, you and family, are good.


Doug said...

Very fortunate that they were caught in the act. What a nightmare to even think about. Hope you can put it behind you sooner than later.

Pete said...

Obviously these criminals are none too bright. Passing up priceless vintage bike parts? Indeed.

-d said...

so sorry about that. I feel your pain. been burglurized twice. it sucks, so sorry. Tell the wife and daughter I am happy they are ok.

Angus said...

Sorry to hear about the burglery, I've had it happen to us and it sucks! Glad they caught these guys in the act.

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