Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Thoughts before I forget

Interesting Sighting:
The other day I was approaching another cyclist as we were both headed in the same direction. I was eager for a friendly hello once I caught up.  He looked like a serious commuter, fenders, panniers, lights, etc.  As he approached a red light at Washington Ave and Plymouth, he rolled up the right side passing all of the cars that were already stopped at the light.  

Just as I was rolling up behind him, he takes a move toward crossing just before the light turned green.  When the light did turn green, a motorist looked generally concerned about the cyclist that had just passed on the right while stopped at the light and now has to negotiate around.  As the driver begins to pass, the cyclist starts yelling, cussing, and gesturing wildly at the driver.

I slowed down having decided that this a-hole of a cyclist is not the type I'm interested in talking to.

Mornings are now dark all the way to work.  Cooler temps have me using the magic of my clothing matrix, nearly nailing perfect clothing options every day.  I found myself thinking this morning that my fear this time of year will be the cold rain.  There is no worse riding condition than 30-40 degrees and rain.

Ignorance is Bliss:
I saw a gentleman ride by yesterday with a floor pump strapped to the back of his bike rack.  That was enough to bring to my mind the fact that I have been riding without a pump on my bike for nearly 1 1/2 weeks now.  Ooops.  I'm writing this more for me to trigger myself into remembering for the 2nd day in a row now to put the pump back on the bike.

Burglary Update:
No news on when we might get our belongings back.  We did have a security system installed today.  As much as I liked Jim Thill's recommendation to store valuables in the bike shop, I lost the argument.  For my spouse's peace of mind, the house if now fully secured folks... Move along, nothing to see here.

Mileage Update:
Today is the first of October.  Missed out on a September century ride!  Darn it.  I think (not going back to look now) that this makes 2 months that I have missed doing a century in this year.  I think it's my feeling of being compelled to attend my daughter's Saturday morning soccer games that has held me back on my normal up-n-early off for hours ride time.  Finished the month with just shy of 7,650 miles year to date. 


Doug said...

I am in total agreement that 30-40 degree temps with rain is the worst conditions for anything outdoors. I have an easier time staying warm in -10 degree days than cold rain.

I am in complete awe of your clothing matrix!

rigtenzin said...

I hate it when cyclists squeeze past on the right of cars and then the cars have to pass the cyclist again. I don't see what the cyclist gains anyway. But I see lots of cycling behavior I don't like. I guess I'm a little self righteous.

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