Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Breaking Silence

Sometimes I just want to scream the four letter explicative that begins with eff.

I am breaking my silence.  It seems that on 10/10/08 a lot of what is really important to me was taken away and I have been paying the price ever since.  Gone are my bike rides, gone is my ability to ruminate about how I feel.  Gone is my bike.  Gone is my level of conditioning.  I continue to hurt physically and the stress has taken its toll on me mentally.

TransIowa registration opened on Tuesday of last week.  

Between a doctor’s appointment on Monday, an appointment for physical therapy on Tuesday, a dental appointment on Thursday, and another physical therapy appointment on Thursday afternoon, my post card didn’t get into the mailbox until Friday.

I see that the roster has been closed and my name isn’t on it.  Dashed are hopes that there would be something out there on the horizon to work toward.  Perhaps given my physical condition today and the way that my body feels, shooting for TransIowa might be a little too aggressive.  I don’t know.  Right now, not being on that list stacks up in the quiver of disappointments that have seemed to dominate the last 5 ½ weeks of my life.


Paul said...

I am sure GT will find a way for you to get on that list if you are really wanting to ride! Heck, you are the sole fixie finisher. You certainly deserve to get on. I hope you can make it, but also understand if you can't!

Joe said...

Hey Ken, You may not be on the roster now, but you're on the waiting list so you may still get in. Take care of yourself. We're thinking of you here in Iowa.


Reflector Collector said...

Let me put it this way. My body hurts in a way that it's never hurt before. I'd take the way I felt after finishing TI3 over the way I feel now.

Once I get the clear to ride a bike again, I'm going to be more determined to ride than ever. God willing, given the opportunity, I'll be at that starting line at 4am and I will do everything I can to finish.

I'm NOT giving up.

Paul said...

I will be seeing you then! Great!

Me said...

Read A LOT.

Look A LOT.

Talk A LOT.

Listen A LOT.

It's a rare and singular opportunity to take a forced break from the day to day and explore the 'For-Granted's".

Just do NOT:

Think A LOT.


Head Honcho said...

Hope you get in Ken. I agree that the only fixie finisher deserves to be let in again, if anything to prove it wasn't a fluke!

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