Monday, November 24, 2008

Therapy Session

I have often heard that "Laughter is the Best Medicine."  A quick Google search retrieves 1.8 million results.  It took me a bit longer than the .17 seconds to verify, but I did a quick read through the top million or so before deciding that it may not necessarily true for me. 

You see, for me, it's all about bikes.  I drove down to Hiawatha Cyclery on Friday after work to celebrate the six-week mark of feeling like crud.  Six long and agonizing weeks spent suffering bicycle withdrawal.  Surly to the rescue. Picked up a new Surly "Creamroller" (AKA: Steamroller) in a 59cm and a pair of Berthoud stainless fenders.  I spent a good portion of time sitting on a 5 gallon bucket down in my basement bike shop. (I still cannot stand for any period of time.) I know that this post is worthless without photos, those will hopefully be forthcoming.

The accident (the details surrounding which I cannot discuss) that occurred 6 weeks ago has left a hole in my bike-needs.  Provided that I am given adequate medical clearance to ride again, I will need something to fill that hole.   Determining just what I want to do for a replacement bike has been surprisingly difficult. 

My initial thought was to simply find a replacement Quickbeam.  There’ve been two used ones that have come and gone on the Rivendell list each selling rather quickly.  The new Quickbeams that are expected to be available through Rivendell are not expected until early ’09, which really means that they will not be available until May.  

I had most everything I needed to put together a complete bike.  A trip to County Cycles turned up a needed bottom bracket.  A trip to my older brother’s house supplied a stem and an old front brake caliper.  I was able to put most everything together on Sunday.   I made a trip to Erik’s on Sunday afternoon thinking that I might be able to clean up my stack of headset spacers, but walked out in disgust at the suggestion that each of the 2.5mm spacers commanded $2.  I thought $40 for 2 inches of exposed steer-tube seemed unreasonably high and settled for what I already owned.

I will hope to be able to provide some photos of the new Surly very soon.  I will be even more excited to reveal the details of the pending replacement commuter bike.


Jim Thill said...

Silver 2.5 mm headset spacers wholesale for about 53 cents each, and black ones are about twice that. Having a big mark-up per spacer makes sense, but if a guy needs a whole stack, then they should ratchet down the margin. At least that's how I do it.

In any case, headset spacers always seem shockingly expensive to me.

Reflector Collector said...

Perhaps we have found the root cause for people having their handlebars so low?

I was disappointed with the fact that they only seemed to have the smallest size. Had I only needed a couple I would have had no problem paying a couple of bucks.

Certainly bucking the "fixie" crowd trend, I want my bars in a comfortable position. To do so requires about 3 inches worth of spacers.

The "threadless" steering interface has done nothing in the way of improving bicycles, instead it has to be the single-worst bicycle "invention" to take hold in the industry.

Jim Thill said...

My Goodrich, if it ever gets built, is going to be 1-1/8 threadless. The reason is that I find the quill stems to be too flexy when I'm carrying ridiculous loads on the front. It's also nice to be able to easily swap out different stems and/or bars, but that could also be solved if there were more decent quill stems with removable face-plates.

I see that QBP, as of recently, no longer carries any Shimano 1" threaded headsets. It's sad to see them becoming obsolete. King, Tange, and Campy still have threaded headsets in the QBP catalog, but I have to wonder how long that will last. I think I'm going to stock up next chance I get.

cyclofiend said...

Good to see you writing and pulling together a ride.

Doesn't sound so much that you need spacers as perhaps an extension - wonder if the local machine shop has a tube of the right dimensions.

Best of luck, there! Take small bites... ;^)

- Jim

Doug said...

Why can't you discuss the details of your accident/recovery? You removed all your post relating to it.

rigtenzin said...

Let's see some photos.

I've wondered if a tube size commonly exists that would allow you to cut a single length and replace the washers, which are unsightly.

I think the recumbent guys have probably figured it out given all the crazy handlebar setups they have. I bet Mark Stonich would know off the top of his head or Luke at Calhoun Cycles.

Reflector Collector said...

Doug, there is no "Miranda Warning" on the internet. Unfortunately it seems like the only way to deal with the situation is to have someone willing to represent yourself legally.

Since everything said can and will be used against you... Well, as much as it helped me keep track of how I am doing and reminded me of perspective, it all had to go.

Me said...


This is bad, very bad... you'll lose all your Riv-Points. Don't do this, dear Allah, NO!

TIG'd and made in Taiwan???

I assume you've sold all the Rivendell products, and renounced your Membership? If not, I'll alert GP immediately.

Dear Lord, what's next:

Thill dropping those extra 45 or so pounds, buying a BMC and entering a Crit in "Monster" drink team kit?

I leave the TC and the whole thing goes straight to shit.


-d said...

NO IOWA? I glanced at it and saw my name wednesday and haven't checked back. ARGH! I will be missing a chance to line up at a ride under insane terms this year with you.

So glad to see you are working hard to get back on the horse, er, bike. Good luck.

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