Friday, December 05, 2008


I briefly entertained the idea of riding to work on Friday, an idea that was quickly dismissed once I was honest with myself. I know, I have to be patient... but I feel terrible.

With each step in the recovery process there comes a bit of excitement and happiness. Then, that gets tempered with a dose of cruel reality. I looked forward to getting the cast off only to come to the realization of how much the muscles in my leg had shrunk. I was excited to ride my bike, enjoyed it thoroughly, but am now paying the price 2 days later.

The exertion level was not high, the distance not far (15 miles.) But, today I woke up sore. I'm going to get out for a shorter ride this weekend and try again to ride next week.

For your visual enjoyment, here are a couple of photos of the new Surly. I hope to be able to make some further modifications over the weekend.

From Creamroller

From Creamroller


Me said...

I like it.

Safe Rolls to you, Bro.


-d said...

nice ride.

Crazy Commuting Cyclist said...

Don't let the pain hold you back. Just take it slowly and soon you will be right as rain. Well Snow at this time. Ride On

rigtenzin said...

That looks too nice to ride in this crap we have lately.

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