Wednesday, December 17, 2008

There's a very tiny part of me that has felt a tiny slice of relief in the morning while looking at the thermometer. Old habits are tough to shake as I continue to generally prepare my work clothing the night before I go to bed as if I were going to ride in the morning. I still look at the thermometer to see what the day is like outside and go through the mental checklist of what I would wear.

Surprising that those thoughts still go through my head. The last time I rode a bike was on December 3rd, and before that, October 10th. I wish that I felt up to it physically. Since my last ride, I've been concentrating solely on my physical therapy and saving what little energy I do have for simply walking.

Yes, it's cold and we've gotten a bit of snow here in Minnesota, but I think I'd be much happier out there on my bike riding.

I leave with the family on Saturday for a long anticipated and much needed two-week vacation with the family. Because much of my life revolves around bicycles, the trip was booked back in April with anticipation that I would be cycling while at our destination. Another classic example of how planning is fraught with disappointment :) No cycling planned, but I do look forward to spending some time playing with the family.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone


Pete said...

Time with the family is good. Enjoy your vacation!

Snak Shak said...

Enjoy your vacation and safe travels!!!!!

Paul said...

I miss your posts ken! I hope all is well.

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