Monday, February 09, 2009

Spirits on the Rise?

It's been way too long since I have gotten out to do anything social.  Last Sunday was a much-needed night of entertainment!

I've been doing my physical therapy, continuing to try to work on my range of motion for my left leg.  I've spent some time on the rollers trying to get some level of fitness back.  For the last several weeks I have been taking the stairs up to the office instead of taking the elevator.  I work on the 16th floor of an office building and enjoy the quietness of going up the stairs, frequently 2 times per day.

On Sunday we had some nicer weather and I had the opportunity to join the guys from the local bike shop for a bit of a pub-crawl through Saint Paul.  We met at 4pm and it was midnight by the time I rolled in the door at home.  My buddy Joe has just recently recovered from a broken collar bone.  It was good to laugh with him about just how quickly the fitness goes away!

The distance was not long, but high on social enjoyment factor.  Boy, did it ever feel good to be outside, rolling on two wheels.  Sure, it felt miserable physically, but ohhhh to freedom and fantasticness of being on a bike.  Wow.

Spirits are up in general.  Looking forward to spring and the prospect of doing some more riding.  Really hoping that my leg will eventually loosen up and feel better.  Gonna have to do a bit of a review on some new goodies that have shown up thanks to my local UPS Driver.

Friday makes 18 weeks.  I am going to follow up with the claims adjuster again in hopes that I will eventually hear something about being reimbursed for my destroyed bike???!!


Matt said...

Awesome news, my friend. I hope to see you out there more and more as spring creeps ever closer.

Paul said...

I am glad to hear it Ken!

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