Sunday, March 29, 2009

gladly pay you tuesday for a hamburger today

'twas a light week for commuting as I think I was paying the price for the previous week.  I did leave a load of clothing at work on Thursday so that I could have a nice easy ride to work on Friday.  It was only 15 degrees when I woke up and had I not previously packed everything, it may have been easy to have not opted for the bike.

I spent some time in the basement shop on Saturday.   I made some adjustments to the set up on my Rivendell.  Re-installed a rear-rack, did some cleaning, and shortened up the wire for the headlight.  I did not photo the process, but I finally got around to fixing my trusty old Sidi Dominator shoes.  When I was hit by the car in October, the force of the impact to my left leg/ankle was such that it sheered the head off of the screw that held the buckle on my shoe.  I had to drill a pilot hole and use an easy-out to get the rest of the screw out of the hole. 

My hope was to have the insurance company cover the cost of repair, but patience got the better part of me.  After 24 weeks, I have yet to be reimbursed for my bike... I couldn't handle waiting any longer for an argument over the shoes.  It's too warm for my Lake winter boots, too cold for cycling sandals, and I've tried (and disliked) riding in my road-specific Sidis with Speedplay pedals.

My lack of cooperation from the feelings of my body have left me a bit frustrated with my riding.  Seems like I have to pay for each ride with about two days of a sore and weary body.  The last couple of nights sleep have been restless thinking about it.  So, today being sunny and 35, I took off on my green bike for an attempt at something of a longer ride.   The forecast for the next couple of days sounds unpleasant.  I don't have time to ride on Monday, Tuesday I have physical therapy.  

So, I decided to go for it today.  Took a ride out through White Bear Lake, into Washington county, and back home via the Gateway.  Even took the 120th street short-cut to try out some of the unimproved portion of the Gateway:

It was good to have some quiet moments of solitude while riding.  Saw quite a few other cyclists, but mostly it was just me and the Gateway Trail.

I managed to make it home, but felt terrible.  My wife Anika kept looking at me asking me if I was going to be okay.  I sure hope so, but I know that I will pay for today's adventure for at least the next couple of days.

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