Saturday, April 04, 2009

Soupy Gravel

Another week flies by with hardly a look up to reflect? Rode the bike to work on Friday, first ride since the previous Sunday. I know that by Sunday evening, I was so worn out I felt nauseous and that Monday was a rough one. Other than it raining and cold on Wednesday, I don't have an excuse.

I did ride to work on Friday. Slow to head out the door, taking some extra time to stretch, I opted to take the bit longer route via Saint Paul, Lake Street bridge, and the Midtown Greenway. It was the first time doing so in a VERY long time.

Saturday morning I left the house around 8am, rode to meet a co-worker in Crystal for a ride out the Luce Line to Long Lake for a cup of coffee and back. Having an affinity for soupy gravel, I was pleased with the softness of the limestone in places along the Luce Line.

I returned home taking a more northerly route through the cities. Connected up with the Grand Rounds. I was pleasantly surprised to have discovered that the trail had been repaved, perhaps last summer? I cannot recall the last time that I rode it, but I remember it being in REALLY rough condition, to the point where I'd always taken the parkway making for an unpleasant ride.

When I got home, I really got to thinking about riding more of the Luce Line. When I can get into good shape, I'd like to make an epic ride out of riding the whole thing. Perhaps a daylight ride out to Cosmos via county roads and a return trip on the Luce Line? Seems like it could all be done in under 200 miles?

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MN_homesteader said...

Glad you are back on the bike! Let me know if want some company on the epic Luce Line ride, it would be right my alley

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