Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth (Birth) Day

Some people plant trees on Earth Day.  12 years ago, my oldest daughter was born.  She's much better than any ol' tree!  Happy Birthday Kayla!  You are a WONDERFUL kid.

I had things all packed ready to go yesterday. When push came to shove, I couldn't do it.  I wound up driving the car which worked out okay.  I ran a lunch errand and picked up a used Nishiki kids 24" wheeled bike for my 9 year old.  I tuned it up and have it ready to ride for her last night.

I did ride this morning.  I ran into my brother at the one intersection where our commuting paths cross.  I caught his attention and said hello.  When he asked me how I was doing and he then summarized quite well by asking/stating "feel like Nick Nolte in (the 1979 movie) North Dallas Forty?!"

I've received some good feedback about panniers. I hope to take some more photos because I have some additional information that people might find useful. I've thought more about panniers and features that I look for and things that I don't like. 

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