Thursday, April 16, 2009

Quick Update

Random thoughts as there is much to report, but precious little time to do it justice.

Weather has been amazing. Since reporting in the last time, I've ridden my bike to work and home every day that I haven't had physical therapy. That's meant Mon-Wed-Friday. Mentally and for my legs... it's good to ride and I feel like I am getting back into condition for riding.  I am feeling stronger.

I briefly contemplated going back to logging my mileage, but then I got depressed looking back at last year and how effortless the 100 mile days seemed by comparison.

I had my last session of physical therapy on Tuesday when I met with the doctor. It has now been over 6 months since having been hit by a car. During physical therapy I've developed strength and increased my range of motion. (I can look over my shoulder now.) The pain in my neck and back does not feel like it has diminished much at all. The doctor remains optimistic that it'll go away, and not feeling entirely defeated... I guess I do too.

There are some product reviews that I feel the need to write about since I've now got enough time to give an honest response. Since I have a bit of a case of CRS (cannot remember shit) syndrome, this list serves more of a reminder for myself:
  • Showers Pass Rain Jacket - 6 month review
  • Arkel Panniers
  • Schmidt eDeluxe light
  • Rivendell Atlantis

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