Monday, August 17, 2009

Not Proud of Ill Wishes

It was a restless night's sleep and I found myself wide awake and out of bed at 4:20am. Sunday night capped a productive weekend with me surprising even myself by putting away most of laundry. My work clothes had been set out already and I'd showered just before going to bed. In short, all I had to do was put some cycling clothes on and I was ready to go. It's ben a LONG time since I've been up so early for a ride and I found myself actually excited.

For those of you not familiar with this time in the morning, it's amazing. Unlike riding after dark in the evening, mornings are quiet and peaceful. There's something special about riding through the city before dawn.

All was well until I was riding down Como Avenue. Clipping along, I moved left out of the bike lane near a building with it's irrigation system set to water the bike lane. I could see by the light shining up the street that was a vehicle approaching from the rear, but there was NO other traffic to speak of. As the woman on the motorcycle passed me, she begins yelling incoherently swearing, something about "...God damned bike lane..."

Great. Not one to take it silently, I sped up to catch up with her (she was still yelling) at the stop light. I begin trying to catch her attention to defend my rationale (and right) to be in the vehicle lane. As I approached, I could just barely hear her continuing her rant. By the time I was catching up to her, trying to yell "I was trying to get out of the sprinkler" She accelerated and left me to listen to the sound of her "loud pipes save lives" and to the smell of her cigarette that she tossed to the ground.

C'mon... really. Did I really interfere with her forward progress? Was I really in her way? On her motorcycle? Really...? I don't generally wish ill on others, but I hope she gets lung cancer. I wish her the best of luck in her pursuit of two-wheeled total world domination!

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Anonymous said...

I pray she wasn't muttering under her loud pipes '...I hope he gets hit by a bus...'

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