Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday Recap

After careful consideration of an insightful comment left by an anonymous reader, I've decided to ammend my earlier post. Please see the last paragraph. The change should be evident.

I was doing some reading last night and came across this little blurb over on the TransIowa spot:

08/16/09: Trans Iowa V6 Date Announced: The dates for Trans Iowa V6 will be April 24th-25th, 2010 with a pre-race meet up on Friday April 23rd at a site TBA. The event will be a loop again run out of Grinnell, Iowa. Look for Registration to be announced in November. Stay tuned!!!

Yup, for the last several months, it's been all about sufferin' and the gears are turning inside my little pea brain. Wondering about doing it again.

Out on the road again today on the bike after Tuesday being the day to go see the chiropractor Dr. McCracker (not his real name by the way) in an attempt to get my neck and back straightened out. It's a major inconvenience at an inconvenient time, eats into my week, and it means driving. Yes, I am resentful :) Wednesday I drove again because I volunteered to drop my brother off at the airport.

Today, amazingly, I was out the door on time at 5:30 in the dark. It was misty, wet, and raining. I love it! Wet again on the way home. There's something I really like about riding in the rain. The sound of the tires, it feels faster, and it's child-like.

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