Monday, October 12, 2009

Different Strategy

I doubt that it's a good idea, but I've 100% committed myself mentally to planning for TransIowa Version 6.  Life circumstances have changed and although I still find myself feeling resentful, I am going to try even harder to have a different perspective. (I feel like crap, so we will see how well this works?)

Right now, I am unable to ride to work every day. I had that luxury before, but now am limited to times when when between my wife and I we can coordinate a schedule. So, for purposes of training, I am going to be trying a little different strategy.  More cross-training, perhaps some free-weights, more running (so much as my ankle will tolerate) and some longer rides on the weekends.

Granted, the weather for TransIowa version 4 was absolutely terrible.  Even though I had ridden thousands of miles leading up to the actual event, I think riding EVERY day may have left me a bit more fatigued than I would have liked.  (That's what I am telling myself anyway nearly 2 years removed.)

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