Friday, October 30, 2009

Weather Forecasts Stink

I'm sorry, but weather forecasters stink!

I've got a medical appointment today that will require me to take a half of a day personal time off. The good side of that was that I sold myself on the fact that I would have the opportunity to ride my bike to work and to the appointment. My outpatient test will require me to wear some monitoring equipment that must remain dry.

Dressed and ready to go just before 6am, I delivered a cup of coffee to my sleeping spouse and turned on the morning news to wake her up. I stuck around long enough to catch the weather forecast calling for rain showers all day.

Considering the logistical challenges and near impossibility of keeping the medical equipment dry during the ride home, I decided to abandon my plans to ride at the last minute. It's now almost time to for me to leave and look at the sky:

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