Wednesday, July 16, 2014

RAGBRAI Preparations Part 3

... and this is how it goes most years. It's 11:45 on Wednesday night and I had plans for departure on Friday.

I did manage to mount the front rack and basket on my touring bike the other day.  Short of that I have not packed anything, have not even started the staging process by making random piles of stuff all over the house.  I printed the packing list mentioned in the previous post, but misplaced it and now the printer is complaining about no toner.  My annual trip to Target to peruse the trial-size aisle was replaced by a trip to the pharmacy to secure some antibiotics for a raging infection I have in my right knee.

I may leave on Saturday morning instead, not certain what will sway my decision one way or another.

On the plus side; I have been searching for a set of these for years and finally some finally showed up today in the mail.  No particular need, no bike that I could even mount them on.  Only a bike addict would understand how to rationalize the design and build of a new bike around a single part.
"New" Gran Compe 450 Center Pull circa 1986

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