Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Perfect Job

So called "experts" will tell of how when looking for something, you have to create an idea of what you are looking for. For some time I have given some thought in the back of my mind to what it would be to have the perfect job. For me to come up with that vision is extremely difficult. Last night, I stayed up way too late talking with Anika about how unhappy I am and just how direction-less I feel.

Perhaps my approach to life is too much like the way that I approach my bike rides. I know that I enjoy the process, the route, and the general experience. The same could be said for relationships. I don't know where the relationship with my wife will go and I am not concerned. I don't set goals for that process, but very much enjoy each day that I spend.

My lackadaisical approach to bike rides and relationships or to life isn't working so well when it comes to establishing "career goals." I need to have some vision of which direction to work toward to keep myself gainfully employed.

While I do understand it is important to establish goals and set objectives... sometimes I find that hard. Not knowing exactly what it is that I want to do I have instead put thoughts into the ideal situation for which I would like to work. Most of what I have come up with is "touchy-feely" stuff.

I'm not coming up with much more that I would like to have a job where someone values my contributions, somewhere I can work and continue to be challenged and fully engaged. I want to feel like I am part of the solution to problems. I do need occasional direction and assurance, but for the most part, I am pretty self-directed and independent. I can do anything... I've got years of experience in all sorts of whacky jobs. Everything from bussing tables, prep cook, pizza-maker, worked at a garden/nursery, worked landscape jobs, can swing a hammer, mechanically inclined, loaded trucks, sorted packages for UPS, lots of people management experience, retail experience, bike mechanic, warehouse/distribution experience, customer service, and now computer programming/project management/consulting/sales/whatever-it-is-that-I-currently-do.

The perfect job would be a good place to work where I can afford to feed the family and have time to ride my bikes. I think I have figured out that much, I'm not sure I need much more?

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