Saturday, June 16, 2007

Saturday Family Ride.

Been a while since I have been posting. Realizing that sometimes I really need to think before spitting out words. I am continuing to formulated my ideas on what makes for the perfect job. I will be looking for something new to do. I think that's the general consensus of the "experts" isn't it. Gotta set a goal? Gotta know what you are looking for?

Well, all that I have been able to really come up with is a bunch of idealistic stuff that I am not sure constitutes a job that would put bread on the table. I mean, satisfaction of having done a good job, loyalty, opportunity to learn, feelings of appreciation... Do places of employment really care about that kind of stuff? I mean, I've always believed that in order to have a successful business, you have to have good people and take good care of them. Well, perhaps it's just my current environment now, but I've lost a little faith in that ideal.

Someday, I think that I would like to go into business for myself, but the thought of that scares the $h!+ out of me. When I think of the wise words of my brother, something along the lines of "what's the difference of being scared things aren't going to work there or where you are now." While I continue to ponder those words and I try to think of business ideas with my currently unemployed wife.

Today the whole family went for about a 15 mile ride. Not much in mileage for me, but for my 10 year old, she was in tears toward the end. Granted, she is somewhat of a drama-queen. I rode with Alison on the back of the tandem and my lovely wife rode on her "new" Schwinn. I've had intentions of writing about the Schwinn that I got for her for mother's day, but haven't gotten around to it. It's a very cool bike.

Today's ride was a bit of an experiment. In my attempt to get somewhat more involved with my community, I have made small steps by getting involved with the Roseville Issues Forum. We organized a little mini-tour of Roseville.

The route was an attempt at a mini-tour around town to highlight both some of the good and bad of the network of bike trails in the city. I generally avoid the bike trails because I personally think that they are significantly less safe than riding on the road. There were a number of uncomfortable situations today and my daughter and I were almost hit. The placement of off-road bicycle paths seems like a good idea on paper, but they just don't work well when crossing intersections or in busy areas. We had 12 people show up and it was a genuinely nice ride.

I'm hoping that since tomorrow is Father's day, I might be able to celebrate with a nice early AM bike ride. I'll keep you posted.

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