Thursday, July 19, 2007

Decision Time

I went to a nice get-together dinner last night with former co-workers. It was really good to see people that I feel like are more of an extended family than just people that I worked with. During the heyday of working there, there was a bond that I am really fortunate to have been part of.

At any rate, I did not leave until 8:30PM or so. By the time that I got home, it was almost 10. I was glad to have the Schmidt hub and light... Gosh, the single best most-practical cycling-related purchase in the last year. (How's that for narrowing it down?) Since it was warm, humid, and had just rained, the air was heavy... foggy like. I like riding in the dark, particularly in the fog...

Getting home late, tucking the kids into bed (they were both awake in bed already,) showering, talking with Anika, catching the tail end of the news, I hit the pillow to the sounds of Jay Leno in the background. I forced myself out of bed on the first sounds of the alarm. I didn't want to, but I knew that I had to.

I showered while wondering if I should ride my bike or drive the car. I dried off wondering if I should drive or ride. Finally, standing in the closet and prepared my work clothes. There I stood, wondering... drive... bike... bike... drive... I even at one point began putting on clothes for work. In the end though, I donned the cycling clothes and went out the door.

This morning's ride was considerably cooler, pleasant in fact. Crossing over 35w on 8th street I looked down at the traffic below and was assured that riding my bike was the right thing to do.

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